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Chat Box + Video Production + EPC Removal

After weeks of conducting market research on our clients old & new - we have an updated website as a result of all our findings - thanks to all for taking the time to participate!

As a result of our Market Research we have made some key changes - making our services more efficient & effective across the board:

  • We now have a Chat Box live on the Website - talk to us in an instant to get answers to questions or a quick quote.

  • Video Production is now available from £299 - requiring custom quotes due to project requirements - This service is now available to Properties & Businesses across the board.

  • All Bookings online now receive a confirmation SMS with direct access to your photographer + Updates on the day (if required).

  • All Bookings online now receive a service review form on delivery - allowing us to continue service delivery & improve our services with your help!

  • EPC's have been removed from all packages to streamline processing & remove complications from Property Sales/Lettings Agents.

Our research has shown most estate agents professionally market 100% of properties across lettings/sales - with most typically requiring Property & Floorplans alone. 3D Tours are becoming more commonplace by the day due to companies like us pricing them competitively - where research has shown this was typically only seen on Properties £500k+. This is something we expect to change as tours increase in volume, they will also reduce in cost - already seen across the industry.

EPC's are typically purchased in bulk from providers - this has caused some issues due to the need to remove this service from quoted packages as the service is already contracted. This service has now been removed from all packages and is available only if required - streamlining the process and eliminating the need for potentially complex contractual agreements & liabilities across providers - both for us & for you.

We now have all the info needed to make informed decisions on your marketing requirements - including engagement enhancement figures on all services - and most importantly - how you can pair these together to gain up to 700% more digital traction online.

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