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Daylight Hours

Essential to shine a light on your Property

We require all bookings to be made within daylight hours for obvious reasons & update this section weekly to avoid any confusion.

Current Daylight hours:

9AM - 4PM

Sunlight in the first and last hours of the day can add a unique quality to your images due to a unique phenomenon called the Golden Hour. We recommend Luxury Properties use this hour to showcase the architecture, landscape, & orientation as best as possible using the sunset as a backdrop.

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Home Staging Guide

Home Staging is the process of de-cluttering, tidying & cleaning your property ready for Professional Photos. Clean, tidy and clutter-free homes attract more attention and the best possible price from your marketing.

Please read and follow the instructions below for the best results on the day.


  • Move Vehicles from the driveway

  • Remove any clutter (bins/tools etc)

  • Remove dead plants & leaves

  • Mow the Lawn

  • Clean doors, windows, driveways, patio & garden furniture

Reception Rooms & Bedrooms

  • Open curtains & blinds

  • Make Beds thoroughly

  • Plump up cushions

  • Remove clutter from under the bed

  • Close all cupboards

  • Turn the TV off

  • Store TV remotes, magazine & toys out of sight


  • Clear worktops & empty the sink

  • Hide Towels, cutley, utensils & oven gloves

  • Move bins, pet bowls & bedding out of sight

  • Close all cupboards

  • Remove all fridge magnets


  • Toilet lids to be left down

  • Clear countertops, removing bottles

  • Pull back shower curtains

  • Remove towels from rails or radiators

  • Ensure toilet roll & brushes are presentable

Seasonal Events

Avoid time-stamping your property by ensuring seasonal decorations remain out of sight during photoshoots. If we do capture decorations in photos, we may be able to remove them for an additional cost, but this cannot be guaranteed.

360 Preparation

360 Tours require all doors to be open and mean there is nowhere to hide! Follow the steps above & remember to make the most of storage space for best results.

All personal data must be removed from sight prior to visiting to avoid any data being captured and displayed on our visual content. Personal data includes (but is not limited to) things like photographs of friends & family, certificates, bills & letters. We cannot be held responsible for sharing personal data that you do not remove. If you cannot remove anything, we may be able to offer object removal as an additional service, but results are not guaranteed.

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