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Floor Plans

Generate 30% more enquiries & up to 52% more Click-Throughs with Floor Plans alone!

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Included in our packages, Floor Plans are crucial as they allow buyers/letters to get to know the property layout & help visualize the potential on offer.

Market data now shows that 20% of buyers would ignore properties without one, and that they generate 30% more enquiries with up to 52% increase in Click-Through conversions.

We take your hand-drawn plans and convert them to digital files ready for market, with the aim to turnaround all Floor Plans within 6 hours & guaranteed within 36 hours from submission.

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How It Works

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Measure up & sketch your plan with pencil and paper - remember to include a scale!


Upload the sketch to us and we convert into a digital file using AutoCAD


Get your digital plan within 6 hours ready to show off your latest property.

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